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People are talking about Frameworks!
And here’s what they’re saying.

frameworks goes beyond academia to practical applications. If I were to teach a New Testament Survey class, I would use this book.” —Ada Lum, Teacher of Bible teachers in 115 countries
One of the best organized, most vivid, lively and informative books I’ve ever seen. Nothing outshines the mind of an engineer who has an imaginative religious faith and a lucid pen... I hope frameworks takes the nation by storm.”  —Tom McBride, College English Professor, Author
Simple, graphic and pleasing to the eye, the reader will see the Bible in a completely refreshing way.” —Worship Leader Magazine, Bible Resources for Worship Leaders, July 2013
Fresh, innovative and extremely unique. A fabulous resource for boosting biblical literacy dramatically, both among Christ followers in our congregation and across the Western world.” —Steve Madsen, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Fellowship
Superbly crafted and exceedingly helpful, frameworks will help you navigate your way through the twists and turns of the New Testament text.” —Phil Comfort, Editor, Bible Scholar, Author
What a gift for church folks who long to understand something of, as Barth called it, this ‘strange new world of the Bible.’ frameworks frees the reader to peruse and discover.”
Dr. Leron Heath, adjunct Professor, A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary
This is a lively, fun book... I highly recommend frameworks to anyone who wants to understand the ‘big picture’ of the New Testament.” —Ray Prichard, Keep on Believing Ministries
Eric Larson’s frameworks fills a niche that is really needed in today’s biblically illiterate Church... Too many Christian books assume a working knowledge of the Bible that is missing in much of their audience. Larson’s book works to bridge that gap.”—Kevin Stern, Manager, Dallas Theological Seminary Book Center
Hefty, gorgeous and breath taking. This is National Geographic in a book. It makes you want to sit down and read it... and then leave it out on your coffee table.”—Dave Mosby, Former Software CEO, Author
This is the best Bible study I’ve seen in years. It’s like tasting something wonderful... you just want to taste more. frameworks excites people to go deeper.”—Stan Johnson, retired Senior Pastor, Saratoga Federated Church
In addition to being a high quality publication, I have to say, this is a very interesting concept! I like it and I think you will too.” —Mark Howell, Founder,
A handy guide, an outstanding roadmap and a barrel of possibilities... frameworks is one of the best resources that I’ve found to date. I very highly recommend this book.”
Wendy Swantek, Christian blogger
Jesus says his parables are for ‘those who have ears to hear.’ frameworks helps us get our ears on.” —Dave Olson, Professional truck driver
Even after studying the Bible for over 28 years, I learn something new on every page. frameworks refreshes my love for the Bible and gives me new tools for sharing it with others.” —Nanette Smith, Art teacher, blogger, lover of words
An excellent way to structure the New Testament in your mind. I can envision churches all over the country using frameworks in small groups to eat up the Bible.” —Rachel Karpaty-Yantis, Marketing Director
I like this book. I really, really like this book.” —Marilyn Miller, Women’s Bible study teacher, Author
As one of those people who panicked when asked to ‘open your Bible to...,’ I now feel confident that I can find my way. frameworks has taken the intimidation factor out of the New Testament for me.” —Carole Johnson, Former school administrator
I used frameworks to tour the entire New Testament with my fourth graders this year. They loved it, and I did too.”—Deb Stoner, Elementary school teacher
frameworks helped me learn about Paul’s letters. I noticed that he starts every one with ‘Grace and peace.”—Nia Karnes, Fourth grader (grinning from ear to ear)
This book is perfect for visual learners. It’s easy to read and easy to teach.” —Robert Pruitt, High School Teacher, Christian book reviewer, Port-o-Prince, Haiti
This book will answer many questions people had about the New Testament but were afraid to ask.” —Abram Kielsmeier-Jones, Book reviewer